How To Write A PROFITABLE Sales Page...
In The Time It Takes To Drink A Cup Of Coffee!
Body Copy/Story

  Dear friend.

  How would you like to be able to write sales letters – which make sales for you on autopilot – in the time it takes you to drink a cup of coffee?

  I know what you are thinking… it’s not possible.

  Well I am happy to say that it is.

  Contrary to popular belief… you don’t need to spend hours or even days slaving away writing a sales page… I doubt it will take me very long to write this sales page.

  I might even have it written in 10 minutes…  if not, it’ll be completely written by the time I have finished drinking my oat milk flat white cappuccino.

  Yes, I know… an oat milk flat white cappuccino sounds a bit fancy, I’ve been told that the baristas hate having to make speciality coffees like my cappuccino… but that’s what I enjoy. Sorry baristas!

  If I have a really long sales letter to write, I will make myself a big old mug of black tea… I call it my thinking juice.

  Whatever you chose to drink, whether it is a black coffee, an oat milk flat white cappuccino or a big old mug of black tea… or perhaps you prefer a green tea or a fruit tea… whatever your tipple, you can have a sales page which will generate sales on autopilot, ready in the time it takes to drink it.

What Is A Sales Page?

  The sales page – also known as a sales letter – is an automated online sales person who is busy making sales for you at any time of the day.

  24 hours, 7 days a week, 52 weeks of the year… your sales page is primed and ready to turn a reader into a buyer.

  It does the selling so that you don’t have to.

  While you are busy doing other ‘fun’ things… your 24/7 online sales person is working for you.

Aren’t Sales Pages Hard To Write?

  Nope… not at all.

  Sales pages are easier to write than you may think.

  Most people see them and get scared… but that’s because they don’t really know what to do.

  I believe that most people have the necessary ability to write a profitable sales page.

  If you can read this sales pagewith relative ease… then you have the ability to write a profitable sales page.

Are You Sure?
Don’t I Need To Be A Certified Copywriter?

  Would you be surprised if I told you that there is no recognised qualification or certification for copywriting?

  You certainly do not need a certificate or qualification in copywriting to be able to write a profitable sales letter.

  I can tell you now that all of the copywriters that I know… do not have any actually copywriting qualifications of credentials other than they learned to write sales pages and sales letters by simply doing what I suggest you do… start writing.

  Sales pages do not need to be complicated… they simply need to follow a formula. And the easiest way to follow a formula is to use a template.

  The two together – a template and a formula – is all that you need to write a powerful sales letter… even if you are not a seasoned professional copywriter.

  And that is what I have for you now… a template and a formula which together will give you everything that you need to be able to write a profitable sales page in the time it takes to drink a coffee.

Introducing… ‘The 10 Minute Sales Letter!’

  It’s no secret that people with money have:

  • More time to spend with their close friends and family.
  • More time to spend on their hobbies and doing the things they love the most.
  • More time to focus on the stuff which increases the quality of their lives.
  • More money to spend on all of the above.
  • A more fulfilled and (often) happier life… a life with less stress and anxiety at least!

  They are also:

  • Free from dealing with trivial issues that pop up during the day.
  • Free from the mundane daily chores which steal a person’s time.
  • Free from debt.
  • Free from pressure and stress which comes from a lack of money.

  This dream lifestyle comes from understanding and implementing this one secret.

  A secret you too can implement in your life.

  If you would like to know what this secret is… and start using it in your own life so you too can have…

  • More money.
  • More time to do the things you enjoy doing.
  • A more fulfilled and happy life.
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  £2.99 is a ridiculously low price for the information concealed in this ebook.

  This secret is priceless.

  However, there is a reason for selling this ebook at the same price of a cup of coffee from a high end coffee shop… and that reason is…

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  A life where you have more free time, more happiness and more money.

  And you can only do that if you start to work with the secret. 

  It’s Time To Buy Back Your Freedom…

  If they can do it… why can’t you?

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Sign Off

  Take the information on board, act on it… and your life will never be the same again!

  Kind Regards



Andi Leeman

Postscripts (PS… PPS…)

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