Hi Mercy.

I can offer you a done for you service where I will:

  • Create and manage a Facebook page for your website.
  • Create 10k words of keyword rich SEO content for your website to help attract clients to your email list.
  • Upload the finished formatted content to your website and publish it.
  • Write 1 email a week (4 each month) and add them to your automated Aweber campaign.

A company which produces a similar content package (The 10K) charges $600 a month which is £463 today at time of writing and doesn’t include the emails or the Facebook page management. (see the 2nd image below) … you can check out their prices for yourself here: https://www.nichewebsite.builders/done-for-you-affiliate-websites/

I am happy to provide what I listed for £300 a month.

I shall update you regularly and discuss with you what is getting done and work with you for as long as you are happy with the work involved.

This is a long term business and ideally you want to grow your website into a larger authority website which attracts customers from the search engines.

The focus will be to get your products out in front of people and start making sales for you. (I cannot guarantee any results or how many sales will be made but rest assured I will help you to grow your business)

If you would like to take me up on the offer then please email me and I shall set up a payment button so that you can pay me for the first month and I will get started ASAP.

If you have any questions please feel free to email me.