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Does Your Business Need A Website?

Yes It Does…. And Here's Why...

If I asked you… what was the most used business tool used today?

What would your answer be?

If you said smartphone then you would be correct.

The smartphone is no longer just a phone, it is a mini hand held computer which stays with a person 24 hours a day.

It seems everyone takes them to bed.

They have their phones on their bedside tables still turned on.

I do… and everyone I know does the same… my phone never leaves my side.

How many people check their phones before they go to sleep and first thing when they wake up?
Nearly everyone… you do it, I do it, everyone does it.

People will spend hours laying in bed, or sprawled out on the sofa surfing the web, doing research, answering emails, and checking out websites

And this is why YOU NEED A WEBSITE… People search for businesses in the area… or check out the names of businesses they have seen… they search the internet using their smartphone there and then.

As soon as they see your business or a thought crosses their mind… they want the information… and they want it quick.

to not have a website today is simply foolish… it will lose you clients…

…which in turn WILL LOSE YOU MONEY.

And you don’t want that!

A website is not just an advert online, it is more than that… a website is an incredibly cheap Coloured Brochure which is online 24/7 it is a salesperson… working for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days of the year.

Ask yourself this… how much would it cost you to hire a salesperson to go out into the world trying his or her hardest to round up as much work as you can handle?

How much would it cost you if you were to hire them 24 hours a day, each day for a whole year?

Maybe you have placed adverts in local papers and trade mags… how did that work out for you? 

Or more importantly… how much did it cost you?

How much time would it take for you to go and hand deliver your business details and contact information to thousands of people within a 30 mile radius of your home?

How much would it cost to get a full coloured brochure printed up for thousands of homes?

Do print brochures and paper ads still work these days?

Today I received a large coloured brochure for a window fitting company… as soon as I realised what it was for… I filed it away in the bin.


Well 2 reasons really…

  1. I don’t need new windows and I am not looking for window fitters.

  2. If and when I do want new windows… I will go straight to Google on my phone and do a search using relevant keywords.

That one printed brochure which was in my hand for no more than 10 seconds, cost that company money. I am not alone with binning this kind of mail either. 

All mailings, trade magazines, and free papers go straight into the bin.

I imagine that the company spent several thousand pounds with this mailing and all I, and many hundred other people, did was put it in the bin as soon as it came through the door.


With a website, all the information you want to show the world including your contact details are available for thousands if not millions of people to see 24 hours each and every day.

The return on investment of a website is generally far greater than any printed advert in a paper. 

Depending on what your service or product is… just one or two customers will pay your website costs for the whole year.

Driving instructors offering a week long crash course or a plaster offering full room plastering service will easily earn the investment back with just one new customer

And those new customers are looking for you, they are searching for people online.  

No longer are they searching through papers or magazines – which they probably binned as soon as they were posted through the door – to go looking for that one advert… no… far from it, they are searching online. 

Not even needing to leave the sofa, there they are laid out in comfort with a smartphone or tablet in hand…typing in search terms like… 

  • Hairdressers in Gainsborough… 
  • Plasterers in Lincoln…
  • Bricklayers in Scunthorpe… 
  • Accountants in Boston… 
  • Local physiotherapist 

The list is endless… whatever your profession… I can guarantee there are people searching for it using localised keywords.

Keywords which you can capitalise on.

Unlike a crappy small print advert in a paper or an expensive printed colour brochure where you have only a set amount of words, pictures and pages you can use…with a website you can add as many high definition pictures of your work or as many testimonials from happy customers as you like. 

You can control the way people see your business.

You SELL YOUR SERVICES & PRODUCTS from your website.

Plus… it is INTERACTIVE!

People can send you messages and emails straight from a website. They can arrange calls, they can call you direct from your website… and they can BUY products or services right from your website… WITHOUT you needing to do anything.

To recap the most important reason as to why your business should have a website…


Once you have me build you a website I will show you how to add new images and content yourself.

So you do not need to keep hiring me or anyone else to do those small 5 minutes jobs you want doing there and then.

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