“Expensive Month Ahead?
Let Me Show You How To Make THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS Each Month Sending Simple Easy-To-Write Emails.”

  Dear reader…

  I know what you are thinking?

  Is it possible to make thousands of dollars each month sending out simple emails?

  The answer is YES.

  Not only is it possible… I do it all the time.

  Not only do the emails I write make thousands of dollars each month.

  I’m not alone either… thousands…possibly tens of thousands of people do it.

  The legendary US marketer Anik Singal made over $1 million in 12 days sending out a series of 18 emails.

  The money he made were commissions for selling a product which wasn’t even his own.

  He sent emails and got paid for promoting another person’s product!

So I Don’t Even Need To Create Or Own My Own Products?

  Nope… you can source products to promote from several websites where other people will pay you upto 75% of the selling price.

  I’ve even seen some people pay 100% of the selling price. The reason for that is they were growing their email network.


  For the very same reason you are reading this… they want to make thousands of dollars each month sending simple easy-to-write emails.

Keep More Of The Profit Yourself…

  You can create and sell your own products if you wish. That’s what I do, and what I recommend you do… once you have the hang of it.

  When you create your own products, you’ll get to keep all of the profit!

  You don’t need to split it with other people… which is a big bonus… plus, you can sell your products as many times as you wish.

Sometimes, the products other people ask you to sell have a short shelf life and are being sold as part of a launch… this means that you have a very short profit window.

  When you have a portfolio of your own products to sell, you can sell them when you want and as many times as you want. You can sell them ‘until the cows come home’.

  By selling your own products… you literally turn your growing email network into your very own personal cash machine!

Sell The Right Product To The Right People =

  Obviously… you need to promote the right product to the right person.

  Which makes sense, you wouldn’t make much money trying to sell meat to vegans would you?

  So you need to keep in mind what you are selling and to whom.Get it right… and KER-CHINGGG!

Your Very Own Personal Cash Machine!

  If that sounds good to you… let me guide you in building Your Own Personal Email Cash Machine.

One which you can…

  • Tap into at any time of the day.
  • Use no matter wherever you are in the world.
  • Run completely on your own. No staff required.
  • Run using just a tablet or even a smartphone… I prefer to use a laptop but you don’t need to.
  • Use as many times a day as you like.

Having your own Personal Email Cash Machine means…

  • Being able to make money as and when you need it… Jeff Walker needed a deposit for his dream home and he needed it fast… having a Personal Email Cash Machine of his own earned him $116,000 within a few days.
  • Having the freedom to travel the world and still earn money… imagine going on holiday for 3 weeks and while you were away you earned back the cost of the trip!
  • Working at whatever time suits you… writing emails can take as little as a few minutes – I once wrote an email in 4 minutes which made sales – you can knock up emails at any time of the day. Morning, noon or night.
  • Not being restricted to one place of work like 99% of the working population.
  • You can make money while sitting on your sofa, at a bar, on a beach, in a coffee shop, on a train, on a bus… you get the idea!

  Okay, by now you should have probably figured out the name of my new product…


Your Own Personal Email Cash Machine

  Having Your Own Personal Email Cash Machine simply means…


  Imagine not having to go to work at stupid o’clock on a dark cold wet winter’s morning.

  Instead, you get up, check to see how many sales have come in over night from your previous emails while enjoying a brew then you set about writing up another quick email.

  You load it into your email system, click the SEND button to send the email to your network and then go about your day.

  You pop out to get a coffee and while you are out, you see that your email has generated a couple more sales.

  By the end of the day, your email has generated numerous sales – the amount will vary from day to day – and you had nothing else to do other than write and send that simple email in the morning.

  Maybe you are not a morning person… maybe you prefer to write the email in the evening, load it into the system and schedule it to go out at a time you choose… that too is doable.

  All that matters here is that you write a simple email, load it into the email system and set it to be sent out to your network.

  That’s it.

Build Your Own Personal Email Cash Machine With My Help

  To help you build Your Own Personal Email Cash Machine… I have recorded 5 training videos which show you everything you need to do in 5 easy-to-follow steps.

  There is also a comprehensive straight-to-the-point 98 page eBook rammed with all of the information you need to build and manage Your Own Personal Email Cash Machine without any added fluff and filler.

  The information provided in the eBook and those videos is incredibly powerful… but more importantly… it’s hugely profitable!

  Your FREEDOM from the day job is just a click away…

  Once fully set up, you could soon be earning thousands of dollars each month from Your Own Personal Email Cash Machine which means that it would be acceptable for me to ask a decent price for this information… 

  $197 would be a fair price for this when you consider what you can earn back.


  I decided that it was only fair that I shared this information with as many people as possible so that I can help as many people as I can to find the freedom they deserve.

  The freedom from debt, and the freedom from the location based day job working for other people.

  To do that, I have decided to set a price which helps you as much as it helps me.

 I am going to let you have Your Own Personal Email Cash Machine for the incredibly low price of just $27.97

That’s Right… Just $27.97…
And Not A Penny More!

To get access to Your Own Email Cash Machine click the button below.

  The sooner you get started, the faster you can grow Your Own Personal Email Cash Machine… the quicker you can find your freedom.

There’s More…!

Order today, and I will give you for free these two bonus gifts…

  • 1. 101 Email Ideas Rolodex: Can’t think of what to write in an email? Not any more, the 101 Email Ideas Rolodex has 101 tried and tested ideas which are perfect for emails. Value $27.97


  • 2. My Favourite Email Template: Simply use my email template – the one I personally use and send to my email network each day – and you too will be making money by sending simple easy-to-write emails. Value $19.97

  Total Bonus Value: $47.94

My Guarantee

  If you still feel that purchasing access to Your Own Personal Email Cash Machine is a little risky, let me take the risk for you.

  Your Own Personal Email Cash Machine comes with a 30 day no-questions-asked full money back guarantee.

  If you feel that the information is in any way not right for you, or you are unhappy with your purchase in any way, simply send me an email and I will refund you every penny of your investment. No questions asked.

  Personally I expect refunds to be low… why?  Because what you are buying access to is one of the most profitable and freedom-giving methods to make money there is.

A Freedom To Make Money At Any Time Of The Day…
From Anywhere In The World…
At A Time That Suits You…
Using Only A Tablet Or Smartphone.

  Click the button now and join me on the inside where I can help you to build Your Own Personal Email Cash Machine.

Kind Regards

Andi Leeman

PS… Not only am I giving this away at the incredible low price of just $27.97… you also get these two bonuses worth a total $47.94 :

  1. 101 Email Ideas Rolodex.
  1. My Favourite Email Template.

PPS…  As an exclusive extra bonus… you also will get direct email access to me for any questions you may have about the building and running of Your Own Personal Email Cash Machine.

  Inside the eBook and the members area you will find my personal email address. 

  This isn’t the Admin@ or Support@ emails where your emails are sent to my incredibly talented and helpful virtual assistant… this is my very own direct-to-me personal email address where you can ask me anything about the building and running of Your Own Personal Email Cash Machine.

This alone has a value of $97. I don’t give this email out to just anyone.  If what you have read so far sounds like what you are looking for… click the buy button now.

Your No Questions Asked 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

  Your Own Personal Email Cash Machine comes with a ‘30 Day No Questions Asked Full Money Back Guarantee’.

  Try it out for 30 days and if you don’t think it’s worth the incredible low price of £27.97, just let me know and I’ll refund 100% of your investment. No questions askedno risk to you.

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