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The only kind of writing you need is the kind which leads to sales.

Quick sales and long term sales.

You are running a business right?

Then you need sales!

And as many as you can get without being too pushy and smarmy.

In order to make more sales you will need to use tried and tested copy writing techniques but…

…mention copy writing and people run to the hills. They are put off, thinking that what you are selling is nothing but hype and bluster. Long sales letters crammed full of scare tactics and empty promises.

This is not true, true copy writing will take what you are offering, and match it to people’s needs. It is an art form, it helps guide people who need what you are selling to make a decision.

It is nothing more than a nice friendly nudge in the right direction’.

A nudge in your direction of course.

Well that is where I can help you.

Let me write your copy for you.

Freeing you up, allowing you to focus on other aspects of your business.

Don’t think of me as someone you have hired.

Think of me as a second you, one doing the job you do not like, a you who likes and enjoys writing. A you who can do the job without pulling out his or her hair. I have already done that 🙂

Below is a list of the tasks I can take over from you.

Engaging and High Converting Web Content

High Converting Sales Letters

Sales Generating Email Newsletters & Email Sequences

Ghost Writing & Product Creation