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What is a sales letter?

Well, you may think of it as a load of words written to help persuade people to buy your products.


Well you are right… kinda.

You are half right.

It is more than that.

A sales letter is a product in itself.

A vital one at that. One you cannot do without.

It is not just something you buy and use once.

Just because you added it to your website once doesn’t mean that it is one time working.

It is working each and every day you send people to it.

A sales letter is something which is crafted so that it is making you money over and over again.

Week after week, day after day!

You are not paying for a job, you are paying for an ongoing money pulling income stream.

Without the sales letter how else will you get people to buy your products?

Writing sales copy which converts is an art form.

It takes time to master and each single sales letter takes time to craft. They are perfected so that they convert as highly as possible.

This is time which you simply may not have.

Below is an example of sales letters I have crafted… tell me how much of your precious time would have been lost trying to write it?

The Viral Code

Do you need a sales funnel building?

Where one sales letter flows into another offering another product for sale affectionately known as an up-sell?

If you do then I have that covered too. I can build those for you.

If you would like me to craft the perfect sales letter for you then send me an email at and let’s chat.

Please put Andi Leeman Content Creation Services in the email title to help it shine out as the seriously super important email it is in an inbox often flooded with non-important and spam messages.