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The 30 Articles Are As Follows:

Personal Development.

  1. Time Management Is a Myth: Manage Your Tasks Instead. (705 Words)
  2. Change Your Association To Food To Keep Off The Pounds. (586 Words)
  3. To Change Your Life You Need To Change Your Life! Creating New Habits For A Better You. (574 Words)
  4. Understanding Who You Are So That You Can Make Big Lasting Changes. (602 Words)
  5. What Do You Really Want? How To Make A Real Life Changing Decision. (616 Words)
  6. The Wealth You Desire Is Waiting Inside Of You – The Creative Process. (589 Words)
  7. Intermittent Fasting For Health and Weight Loss. (777 Words)
  8. Kick Start The New Year With A Confidence Kick. (697 Words)
  9. Why Those ‘Boring’ Silent Moments Can Make You More Money. (651 Words)
  10. The Secret To A Better You & A Better Life. (863 Words)

Making & Saving Money.

  1. Making Your Wages Go Further. (913 Words)
  2. The Secret To Real Wealth: Multiple Streams Of Income. (840 Words)
  3. Make A Much Needed Second Income With A Part Time Home Based Business. (761 Words)
  4. Lose Clutter; Make Money. (673 Words)
  5. Making Extra Money With Membership Websites. (873 Words)
  6. Writing For Money. (507 Words)
  7. Your Own Personal Gold Mine. (604 Words)
  8. Stopping What You Don’t Do To Save Money. (528 Words)
  9. Eat Less, Save Money,  Have Better Health And Live Longer. (809 Words)
  10. Turn Off And Save Money. (676 Words)

Law Of Attraction & Metaphysics.

  1. Visualising Your Way To Success And Affirming The Life You Want. (617 Words) 
  2. Prayer, Visualisation, Affirmations and The Law Of Vibration. (971Words)
  3. Believing In Truth Regardless Of Appearances. (552 Words)
  4. Respond To Situations Don’t React To Them. (525 Words)
  5. AttrACTION. The Law OF Attraction Is All About The Action. (728 Words)
  6. Understanding The Law Of Attraction & The Law Of Vibration. (569 Words)
  7. 5 Tips To Improve Your Visualisation Sessions. (736 Words)
  8. Why Feeling Is Important For Attracting What You Want. (644 Words)
  9. Becoming An Imagineer. Why Imagineering Your Future Is So Important. (641 Words)
  10. 5 Tips To Keep You Attracting The Good You Desire Everyday. (1044 Words)

These are not just some weak 500 word articles either, the shortest article is 507 words long but the longest is 1044 words long. All articles are of excellent quality written by myself. You can use them as you see fit.

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